The Committee to nominate members of the Australian Branch to international committees consists of Professors Shearer and Flint and the Branch President ex officio. Its function is to consider the application of members of the Branch to be nominated to Headquarters as members of international committees. The Australian Branch with a membership of over 100 is entitled to nominate up to two ordinary members to each committee.

Interested members are invited to write to the Hon. Secretary, Louisa, if they are interested enclosing a CV. The Branch will nominate a member to the Executive Council of the Association, if satisfied on the advice of the Nominations Committee:

that the nominee is a current financial member of the Branch;
that there is an Australian vacancy on the committee concerned. A list was published in the May 1999 Bulletin of the situation, as it then was;
that the applicant’s qualifications and interests are suited to the Committee; and that the applicant is able and willing to contribute actively to the work of the committee concerned.
As a general rule a person should not be a member of more than two Committees simultaneously. International Study Groups are composed exclusively on the nomination of the International Director of Studies, Professor Soons.


Space is the final frontier of mankind and space activities are increasingly being undertaken at various levels and by various bodies (public and private). The main aim of the Space Law Committee is to keep abreast of legal developments in the area and to contribute in a meaningful way to the debate that surrounds the regulation of these activities at the international level, including its impact on Australia.


8. ILA Lunchtime Seminar Series: Law on the Final Frontier

7. The World Space Congress 2002

6. International Institute of Space Law Colloquium 2002

5. Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition

4. International Astronautical Congress, Toulouse, October 2001

3. Space Law Conference, Singapore, March 2001

2. UNISPACE Conference, Vienna, 19-30 July 1999

1. International Institute of Space Law Workshop, Vienna, 19-24 July 1999

For more information on the Committee and its work please contact:

Convenor: Ricky Lee
Hunt & Hunt Lawyers
GPO Box 439, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia
Tel (08) 8414 3348
Fax (08) 8211 7362

Cultural Heritage Law Committee

This Committee was established to assist the international committee in This competition on a hypothetical space law case is held annually and the preliminary competitions are held around March-April. The final round is held in conjunction with the annual International Institute of Space Law Colloquium (usually held in October) and judged by members of the International Court of Justice.preparing a “blue print” for the future development of cultural law. For this purpose, the Committee is undertaking a study of the so-called “cultural exemption” from international economics agreements. It is hoped to produce a set of recommendations designed to advance considerations of the way states may promote their industries which are relevant to their cultural heritage consistent with their obligations under international law.

Convenor: Professor David Flint

Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee holds public meetings to examine the role of international law in protecting human rights. Recent topics have included: war crimes, indigenous human rights, feminist interventions in international law, the role of sanctions, human rights in Indonesia, and the prohibition of mercenaries. New members are welcome.

Convenor: Dr. Keith Suter


Indigenous Rights Committee

The indigenous Rights Committee provides a focus within the ILA (Australian Branch) on the rights of indigenous peoples in international law. Indigenous issues have emerged in the UN and other international organisations as an area of increasing attention and concern over recent years. Indigenous issues are important in the Australian context, and have potential to affect Australia’s international standing. The objective of the Indigenous Rights Committee is to contribute to informed discussion of the relevance of international law and practice to the consideration of Indigenous issues in Australia. The Committee has hosted, at times, in cooperation with other organisations, seminars and workshops on Indigenous rights issues. Further seminars are planned and it is also proposed to make selected papers presented at such seminars available through publication and the internet.

Convenor: Greg Marks

International Arbitration Committee

The International Arbitration Committee was established to provide information about when arbitration is appropriate, its cost, the drafting of arbitral clauses and handling of an arbitration as a lawyer.

International Arbitration often involves considerations of applicable law, choices of jurisdiction as well as numerous practical considerations such as how to prepare for an International arbitration. The committee endeavours to satisfy these needs by information exchange, seminars and participation in international arbitration mooting competitions.

Convenor: Damian Sturzaker


International Heritage Committee

Convenor: Professor David Flint

International Military Law Committee

The International Military Law Committee is a new sub-committee designed to promote discussion on international law issues which affect Defence force strategic policy and operations. Commander Robin Warner, Deputy Director of Operations and International Law (Maritime) in Australian Defence Headquarters is the Convenor of the Committee. The Committee held its inaugural seminar at the Law Society of NSW on 25 March 1999 which addressed the Role of the Australian Defence Force in Policing Australia’s Offshore Zones. A program of twilight seminars has been planned for the latter half of 1999 and early 2000 which will address key international law issues facing the Australian Defence Force. Proposed topics will include the work of the Preparatory Commission of the International Criminal Court on the elements of war crimes, the application of human rights law to military operations and the international legal implications of information warfare for Defence operations. To join this committee or to be notified of seminar dates and topics fax Commander Robin Warner on (02) 6265-1239

International Trade & Business Law Committee

The International Trade and Business Law Committee was established in 1997 to increase awareness and understanding of issues concerning international trade and business law in the legal and business community in Australia. Through arranging and participation in conferences, seminars and other similar activities, the Committee promotes awareness of international trade and business law issues affecting cross-border transactions in goods and services, including foreign investment, arising under:

multi-lateral treaties, such as the World Trade Organisation Agreement;
bi-lateral agreements, such as Free Trade Agreements and Bi-Lateral Investment Treaties;
various international conventions, such as the UN Convention on the International Sale of Good and the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce; and
texts of other organisations, such as the International Chamber of Commerce’s INCOTERMs 2000 and Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits (UCP500).
Issues relevant to international trade and business law of interest to the Committee include tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, including ‘behind-the-boarder’ barriers to trade, rules affecting market access in regulation of international sales of goods and services and payment mechanisms in cross-boarder transactions, intellectual property and foreign investment rules affecting trade and investment, availability of trade remedies including anti-dumping and countervailing duties, safeguard and quarantine measures, private international law including conflict of laws.

Associate Professor Dr. Katrin Cutbush-Sabine

Andrew Percival


Law of the Sea Committee

Convenor: Associate Professor Donald Rothwell

Executive Committee

Convenor: Margaret Brewster

Constitutional & Administrative Committee

Convenor: Margaret Brewster

International Committees Committee

Publications Committee
Convenors: Margaret Brewster