REMINDER: Call for Nominations: ACT Chapter


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The ACT Chapter of the International Law Association (Australian Branch) is seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • Treasurer
  • Publications Editor
  • Events Coordinator
  • Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator, and
  • General Committee members.


Descriptions of these positions (other than General Committee members) are set out below.  To nominate for a position, please send a short (max 1/2 page) statement on what you can bring to the ACT Chapter and the particular position to by 1 September 2014.  Committee members must be members of the ILA. 


About the ACT Chapter

The ACT Chapter was launched in February 2014 and aims to complement the significant levels of international law activity in Canberra by facilitating linkages between government, academic and private sectors, and by promoting international law knowledge and awareness within the local community.


The Committee meets monthly in Barton and is currently composed of:

  • Ms Emily Arnberg, Chair
  • Dr Sarah McCosker, Counsel
  • Professor Don Rothwell, Senior Academic Convenor, and
  • Ms Netta Goussac, Secretary.


For more information about the ILA (Australian Branch) and the ACT Chapter, please visit the ACT Chapter Homepage



The role of the Treasurer is to oversee the financial matters of the ACT Chapter. Primary responsibilities include:

  • developing and maintaining systems for recording incoming and outgoing cash flow
  • assisting the Chair to set-up and manage the ACT Chapter Canberra bank account
  • collecting receipts and reconcile all incoming/outgoing money on a monthly basis
  • providing monthly reports to the Executive Committee on the financial status of the ACT Chapter
  • depositing funds into the bank account, and provide monthly and end of financial year reporting to 
the Chair and ILA (AB) Management Committee Treasurer
  • working with the Events Coordinator to ensure all money raised by the ACT Chapter is accounted 
for using the correct procedures
  • working with Events Coordinator on budget planning
  • monitoring event expenditure in relation to funds raised
  • in liaison with the Events Coordinator, organising any floats that are required at events.


Publications Editor

The role of the Publications Editor is to develop and edit the ACT Chapter newsletter. Primary responsibilities include:

  • sourcing articles of interest to the ACT international law community
  • editing articles
  • designing and formatting the publication, and
  • networking with ACT international lawyers to discover and promote events and news on international law in the ACT.


Events Coordinator

The role of the Events Coordinator is to identify and pursue opportunities for ACT Chapter events. The role covers fundraising, awareness raising and engagement with ILA stakeholders. Primary responsibilities include:

  • in liaison with the Chair, identifing opportunities to hold or participate in events, as well as update progress of current events and activities
  • overseeing all events and ensuring events are not repetitive or conflicting
  • in consultation with other Executive Committee members, identifying opportunities ACT Chapter members to participate as volunteers at events
  • liaising with the Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator in the development of promotional material for events and sponsorship opportunities for the ACT Chapter
  • liaising with external suppliers such as venues, caterers, and sponsors
  • liaising with the Treasurer to ensure financial viability and responsibility of all events
  • providing regular briefings to the Executive Committee about activities and opportunities, and
  • developing, building and maintaining relationships with sponsors and supporters.


Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator

The role of the Communications Coordinator is to ensure that all communications  represent the ACT Chapter and ILA (AB) accurately and to strategise to increase the  ACT Chapter’s public exposure. Primary responsibilities include:

  • overseeing all external communications and ensure all information is accurate, consistent, of high quality, and adheres to ILA principles
  • identifying and pursuing strategies to build awareness of the ACT Chapter and increase membership of the ILA (AB)
  • coordinating contributions to the ILA (AB) newsletter
  • coordinating sponsorship opportunities, including raffle prizes, for events.
  • ensuring that all sponsorship and fundraising databases and information are updated and maintained
  • ensuring that all fundraising and sponsorship activities are in line with the ILA (AB) constitution and any relevant policies and procedures. Identify potential conflicts of interest and report to the Executive Committee on these prior to sponsorship arrangements being agreed
  • building the public profile of the ACT Chapter and continue to identify and pursue opportunities for publicity and increased exposure
  • coordinating the management of all communication systems including liaising with the Secretary to manage relevant databases
  • creating, maintaining and updating the Facebook page for the ACT Chapter
  • liaising with Event Coordinators and subcommittees to coordinate and produce promotional material
  • providing communications material to the Chair for approval, prior to public distribution.

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