New ILA Committee on Participation in Global Cultural Heritage Governance – call for expressions of interest

The Executive Council of the International Law Association HQ has established a new Committee entitled ‘Participation in Global Cultural Heritage Governance’. The Committee will continue the work of the Committee on Cultural Heritage Law, which was dissolved in November 2016 following completion of a wide range of work over a period of some 28 years. A copy of the mandate of the new Committee is available here. The Committee will be chaired by Dr Andrzej Jakubowski (Polish Branch).

According to ILA rules (available here), it is for each branch of the ILA to nominate its members for membership of the Committee. The Australian Branch of the ILA therefore calls on its members to express their interest in being nominated. Only members of the Australian Branch are eligible for nomination (click here for information on how to become a member). Expressions of interest should be sent by email to the secretary (, accompanied by a CV and any other documentation demonstrating expertise in the subject-matter of the Committee.

The Australian Branch hopes that the strong contribution of its members to the work of the previous Committee (as documented here in a 2015 post on the ILA Reporter website) will continue in the work of the new Committee.

Further information about the Participation in Global Cultural Heritage Governance Committee is available on the Committee page of the ILA HQ website,

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